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We offer a host of services for a wide range of industries. From meticulous in-house manufacturing to a vast array of shipping options, personalized inventory management to custom bag development, in-house printing and graphic design to off-site stocking programs, from rigorous quality control and testing to numerous certifications, PST POLYTEX has a solution to meet your needs and budget.

Run by experienced professionals, our custom bag development program can design a custom product solution or modify an existing product for virtually any application. Each project may involve evaluating alternative fabric choices, custom fill or discharge designs, efficiencies, consistency in bag construction, plus special handling requirements for maximizing weight or transportation.

Our in-house printing service has been invaluable for many of our customers and our production floor holds multiple printing presses for a variety of fabrics and applications.

Whether you’ve run short on printed packaging to fill an order, experienced delays in delivery of your custom printed bags, had a request for a small custom order, need a logo or text added to your existing bags, or simply need printed bags fast, we have a solution.

In-house graphic design is available to each of our clients, so please contact us at +91 98982 00436 for more information.

We offer a host of custom-tailored shipping options with the help of our strategic global partners, our production capabilities are virtually unlimited. For customers who have the warehouse space and can foresee their upcoming requirements, we offer Direct Shipment opportunities at significant cost savings.

Because testing our products is a key factor in providing the consistent quality, we diligently test our products and ensure each product meets our highest possible quality standards.

In addition to testing, we choose partners who share our values and commitment to quality. Through our alliances, we offer a vast array of quality products to meet all of our customers’ needs.

Thank you for choosing us. If you are looking for the perfect packaging solution, we are here to fulfill your needs.

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